mediterranean glow

By Bernard Coll

Not a tear came to our eyes when an old earthenware jar was smashed to pieces during a transport by van. As luck would have it, the most precious part of the jar was saved: the mouthpiece with the incuse decoration.

The process of creation began when we cut it level so that we could glue a round mirror on the bottom, then we fixed a circle of LED lights inside it.
We then fitted the jar into an old Mallorcan-style shutter and installed a lighting system at the bottom of the jar which, when the light is switched on, is filtered through the slats of the shutter.

Finally, a few details such as the black glass shelf, an antique white porcelain switch and the blue-green paint, encourage us to think that the lucky owner will enjoy it as much as we did when we created it.

L 60cm x H 107cm x W 18 cm / L 23’6″ x H 42’1″ x W 7’1″ x W 7’1″
220W LED