By Bernard Coll

In no other place in the world does there exist a country with the virtue of producing such a unique tree of this strange species that without a doubt gives homage to this marvellous facet of Andalusian Folklore that produces a special fruit: CASTAÑUELAS.

A variety not apt for the sweetening of taste buds but an exceptional musical instrument essential for the enjoyment of flamenco dance lovers.

We began with a central nucleus (trunk) of an antique Hungarian hanger from early XXth century to which we adapted, in the shape of branches, recovers steel springs from antique sofa and armchairs which are used to support the imaginary and precious Spanish fruit.

Considering that the tree will give us a little shade, we thought about planting it, not in the garden but in a covered area and transform it, whit a piece of glass, into an original small table where one can enjoy a good Fino Sherry and a small tapa of excellent Jabugo ham, for example.



Tree diam: 80 cm, Table diam: 70 cm Table height: 72, 5 cm

Total height: 233 cm

Tree diam: 31,5”, Table diam: 27,6”, Table Height 28,5”

Total height: 91,7”