By Bernard Coll

We didn’t freak out when deciding which piece to create an old German «WERTHEIM» sewing machine table stand. The easy and common would be a small table, but no, it was radically discarded.

We went a step further and opted for the creation of a chair with «she» sitting on it, so that we could create the backrest at the same time. By means of a metallic structure we supported the seat. A manequin bust with arms are incorporated, as well as handmade resin lips, sunglasses and a miner dutch leader hat from the last century.

One can see a series of studied details both on the cast iron support as well as in the special effect obtained on the mannequin skin, polished nails, jewellery details and sccesories, everythi gives a » Fashion» point.


L 60cm x W 60cm x H 120 cm
L 23,6″ x W 23,6″ x H 47,2″