Bernard coll, At age 11, his family moved to Spain, where, after finishing his secondary studies, he began training in industrial design at the School of Trades & Crafts in Tarragona, combining stu- dies with work in the family business dedicated to the sale of objects of home decor. Later on, he joined several design departments of various companies engaged in the production of home fireplaces (Roustan-Paros, Carpinelli, Fugar), at the same time running his own sales business and showroom for 15 years.

Born in a family traditionally devoted to the world of decoration, he was influenced by his father, who studied in France (Valence Drôme) as a painter and decorator, learning to apply basic techniques of the past that are used today for the restoration of both buildings and antique furniture as well as in all types of antique decorative objects. Furthermore, he is also passionate about the world of antiques and restoration. In the mid-nineties he decided to fully devote his time to this fascinating activity, and invested in the creation of a large space in which to restore and exhibit a multitude of antique furniture and other objects.

In this project he worked with the collaboration of his employees, who attended the business while he travelled to various European countries in search of original pieces that would later be restored and exhibited in Antique Fairs. He participated in natio- nal and international Antique Fairs with remarkable success thanks to the loyalty of their invaluable and grateful clientele.

In 2012 his career path took a 180º turn when he decided to continue on his own and al- most exclusively he delved into the world of art, design and creation. Self-taught from his early days, he systematically combined antiques with other modern and/or contemporary materials in his works, thus consolidating his personal style which he calls “Fusioned NEW & OLD.”

There is a wide range of reasons why I perform my work. However, I think I base it on three main pillars: passion, creativity and love.

Passion is the faithful companion that follows me in all my projects and the ideal instrument to reach the ultimate expression of the imagination. Leaving an imprint with this new uni- que style, which I call “Fusioned New & Old” is my ulterior motive which gives purpose to this passion, while exploring new worlds in which I feel comfortable and fulfilled.

Creativity is closely linked to passion in the sense that one would not exist without the other. Creations allow me to bolster the passion to its highest levels, fusing it with imagina- tion in order to reach the final goal. The aim is to create singular projects through original ideas that allow wishes to become reality and ultimately surprise the world.

If the first pillar did not make sense without the second, the third could not be otherwise. We could say that love encompasses everything and still falls short. Each piece made in my creative space carries the seal of the love I feel for this art. The uniqueness of each of the pieces, and all the personal feelings that are in them, are an unquestionable guarantee of the care and finesse with which they have been created.

The primary objective in the design and creation of my work is to fully satisfy a particular sector of the public, who appreciates it and is convinced in investing in unique works of art. Therefore, I consciously work to let the imagination fly in order to create projects that are personally fulfilling, while at the same time, enjoying what I do. I create functional, comfor- table, aesthetic and decorative design pieces.

For its manufacture we use materials and products of excellent quality, and I do not limit my working hours so the result is more than optimal and “the exclusivity” that makes them special is guaranteed.