By Bernard Coll

They were born to live together forever. The larger one is a street lamp stand, dated 1950 and made of cast iron. The smaller one is an old «Demijohn» from a similar period, used for the storage and ageing of fine wines in the cellar.

We fused the two pieces with a purposefully curved tube in polished stainless steel and adapted at the ends. The electrical installation consists of six 6-volt LED bulbs, which are placed inside the carafe by means of small copper tubes.

Finally, we should mention the «Animal print» style pictorial decoration in four-colour hammered paint with a layer of lacquer as a final protector.

Base: 35 cm x 35 cm / 13’8″ x 13’8″ / H: 255 cm / 100’4″ /W: 100 cm / 39’4″
Carafe: Ø 48 cm /18’9″ H 65 cm / 25’6″
220W LED