By Bernard Coll

We converted an old zinc bathtub manufactured in the middle of the 20th century into a functional work of modern design. Rarely would an architect place a bathtub in a living room, he would say it makes no sense at all, but we did.
After a thorough sanding and washing, we enamelled the inside with an ivory white paint.

On the outside we recreated a little more with a rhomboidal distribution in two colours, gold and silver, filleting the contours also in ivory. To seal the whole piece we used a silky varnish as a protector.

The four small legs are fitted with beautiful gilded wheels of the period.
A multitude of plastic balls of different colours under the glass table top simulate soap bubbles inside the bathtub where we will find a beautiful vintage mannequin sitting listening to music, which will accompany us during our conversation.

L 200 cm x W 75 cm
L 78’7″ x W 29’5″
Manikin H 100 cm / H 39’4″
Glass H 51 cm / H 20’1″