done very carefully

-Celling pink light-

By Bernard Coll

Modifying, transforming, improving or giving a new use to a piece that shows promise with a renewed look, is the reason why a priori we are motivated to create new and original unique pieces.

For this industrial fluorescent box, the first step was to remove all the original electrical system. Then we put the empty box in the oven, controlling the desired deformation.
After baking, we clean all the pieces or separately and paint them again, according to personal taste and criteria.

A renewed electrical installation allows us to recreate it, we use led light on the right side of the covered box.
On the left side we contrast it by hanging an elegant Art noveau opaline «Blanche et Rose» pamela.

L 160cm x W 20cm x H 118 cm
L 63″x W 7,9″ x H 46,5″