By Bernard Coll

It is not easy to have the opportunity to create a couple of grand tables with salvaged material. I say grand for their large volume but also for its design. In each of them I combined the latest technology in TT tires “cross contact Continental 295/40 Z R20” divided in half and stuffed in the interior, and the finished ceramic surface is performed in the trencadís style.

I previously inserted therein, a threaded rod which supports the wheel originally from a 40-50 year old agricultural hor se drawn plough, with a “Pirelli 4.00- 36.4RR” tire. I maintain its original paint, polishing it thoroughly and applying a protective varnish. The 150 cm diameter and 1.2 cm thick glass surface is suitable for 6-8 people.



Diam 150 x H 18 base

Total H 78 cm

Diam 59” x H 7,1” base

Total 30,7”