By Bernard Coll

Peculiar couple of seats, “Vintage” style, basically made with three visible elements and a hidden fourth.

At the first sight, we observe generous “off road” quad tires overlapping five rubber wheels that provide good stability. Next, we see back supports recycled from a couple of office chairs from the 70s, embedded in the tires and with adjustable height.

The fourth element is lightened concrete and a metal structure inserted inside the tire that makes the rigid seat comfortable for everyday use. In order to culminate the artwork, we use an elegant Art Deco Style upholstery, which, with the effect of the colour gradient, provides a unique vision of the ensemble.



Diam 50 x H 39 seat 

Total: H 80 cm

Diam 19,7” x H 15,3” seat

Total: H 31,5”