origin: butcher shop

By Bernard Coll

Decade after decade receiving, on daily basis, blows from an axe and thousands of cuts from a knife on its hard skin. We have retired this magnificent chopping block but we have promised it a worthy future. Therefore, we decided to admit it to our clinic for a number of days in order for it to receive firstly, an exhaustive restorative treatment and subsequently, the aesthetic team was able to return its skin to what many desire, eternal youth.

Finally in order for it to feel useful for the rest of its life, it was sufficient to adapt it over an original table base from a 60’s typing machine originally from Argentina.

With this, we fulfill “Our promise” Elegant combination and perfect use as a console for this retire.



L 100 x W 60 x H 81 cm

L 39,4” x W 23,6” x H 31,9”