By Bernard Coll

Logically, a balcony traditionally had the function of escaping the house, resting and enjoying the fresh air, or simply for daydreaming. Today with a little dexterity, I have turned this around and I have tried to convert an architectural element radically meant for the exterior to occupy and decorate one of the cosiest corners of the home. Oh! And the candy, meant for eating in good company!

I recovered a long Catalan nineteenth century cast iron railing, cut and weldedto the desired size. I dealt intensively with the modernity, the slenderness and the strength of both the design and the support, as well as the shape and the fastening of the leather seats with my own decoration.



L 134 x W 81 x H 103 cm 

L 52,7” x W 31,9” X h 40,6”