-Floor lamp-

By Bernard Coll

Working in the world of art, restoration and decoration with pieces in general from the UK, the largest European market of its kind, The Doctor represents this great country.An antique copper lamp stand from the late Victorian era, 1890-1901, seduces us to create an ingenious work of art.

An extraordinary mannequin from the sixties, dressed in a Levi’s T-shirt, Belstaff jacket, leather gloves and a medical bag under an umbrella with its own decoration, refers us to the title and slogan of the work.

Finally, to make it bigger and give it an added value, we thought it would be interesting if it had the function of a floor lamp, so a separate double electric Led ignition allows us to light A – the interior circuit of the umbrella and B – the 16 drops that fall from the umbrella.

H 225 cm, Diam base 60 cm / Diam Umbrella 120 cm / H 94,5” , Diam base 23,6″ / Diam Umbrella 47,2”