-Celling green light-


By Bernard Coll

Long time ago, when we were children we were warned by our elders that playing with fire could burn us. Half a century later, we continue to have fun with these arts, albeit with exhaustive control techniques and severe precautions.

Basically our aim is to create singular works, with materials that offer us the opportunity to modify both their physical appearance and their usefulness.For this industrial fluorescent lamp, we treated mostly its physical aspect by applying high temperature for its deformation.

We replaced the old electrical installation of fluorescent tubes with the current LED technology. On the far left we hung an old topaz glass gourd, giving it that rustic decorative touch, completely breaking its original industrial style.

L 160cm x W 20cm x H 72 cm
L 63″ x W 7.9″ x 28.3
220W LED