-Funny stained glass wall lamp-

By Bernard Coll

In our artistic beginnings, we pigeonholed ourselves under a denomination of our own creation that we called «new & old». Since then, three pieces as disparate as these did not fall into our hands at the same time.

Spontaneously a beam of divine light «Ludivina» in honour of my grandmother » sent us the image of the work I was going to create.

Table of contents:
-Small old French leaded stained glass window with obvious signs of restoration.
-Small box of oranges «Torres» in blue plastic that received an important temperature shock in the «toaster».
-Nice red children’s shopping trolley.
-Electrical installation inside the box by means of two 220v Led tubes.


H 82 cm x L 35 cm x W 36 cm / H 32,3″ x L 13’8″ x W 14’5″
220W LED